Privacy Policy

JNK Environmental Research & Consulting Co., Ltd. (Here in after called “JNK)
respects the personal information provided by customers on the JNK website and makes every
effort to protect their privacy. JNK explains our policy on handling customers’ personal
information as follows.

  • Protection of privacy

    When browsing the JNK website, customers do not normally need to provide their personal information such as name, address, email address, and so on. However, JNK may ask for personal information in relation to questionnaires, etc. within the website for the purpose of contacting the customers later or providing a fuller service. In such cases, JNK asks customers for a minimum amount of personal information with fully respect their right to decide themselves whether or not to provide such information.

  • Restriction on disclosure or provision of information to third parties

    JNK will not disclose customers’ personal information to third parties other than our business outsourcing partners without the consent of customers. However, JNK may disclose personal information without customers’ consent if required to do so by law or requested by a public institution such as a court, the police, etc.

  • Handling the access log

    The JNK website automatically saves the IP address and domain name of computers on which customers visit there. This information is used not to identify individual customers but to statistically process the access status of customers as a whole. Customers may therefore use the website anonymously unless they provide JNK with their own personal information.

  • Other

    With regard to the handling of customers’ personal information, JNK will review and improve the above items in future while complying with the applicable laws and norms.