Our Services

  1. 1 Environment Consulting

    • Procedural support for environmental impact assessment, environmental social impact assessment
    • – Support for environmental review by financial institutions
    • – F/S (Feasibility Study) survey
    • – Customer support through environmental laws and regulations survey
    • – Proper provision of customer’s equipments and proposal for environmental conservation measures through prediction technology of air quality, noise · vibration, hot drainage
    • – Export of environment-related products to Vietnam · Market research support accompanying local manufacturing
    • – Consulting related to international collaboration [Collaboration support with universities (Japan, Vietnam, etc.), research institutions (Japan, Vietnam), NGOs]
  2. 2 Environment Research - Analysis

    • – Proposal of investigation plan for wastewater, exhaust gas, noise vibration, etc. from factories/business sites
    • – Collaboration, management and supervision with local companies in the above analysis
    • – Current environmental survey results
    • – Interpretation of monitoring
    • – Proposal for improvement measures
    • – Other environmental assessment, air quality, weather, odor, noise-vibration, traffic volume, topography, geology, sunlight, radio interference, flow – tide level, wave height/wave, water temperature – salinity, water quality – sediment (soil), seaweed bed, tidal flats, marine organisms, land animals and plants, aquatic animals and plants, ecosystems, landscapes, social environments, fishery actual conditions, etc.
    • Please contact us for further information.
  3. 3 Eco-friendly Product

    Provide products related to environmental improvement/environmental impact reduction

    – Floor paint using nanotech

    – Paints with rust preventive and mildew-proof features

    – Oil cleaner (Reduce oil consumption – Improve rate of equipment failure)

    – Evacuation guidance signboards not using electricity and material provision (providing luminescent materials)

    – High quality wall material

    – Import and sales of fishing gear for securing fishery resources according to international needs

    – Evacuation guide mask (fire response)

    – Standard substances in seawater (for nutrient measurement, wastewater standard substance (for nitrogen, phosphor analysis) (KANSO product) Vietnam agency

    – White rice powder sample (skill test item) (KANSO product) Vietnam agencyHigh quality wall material