Our Products

We provide products related to environmental improvement / environmental impact reduction:

  • Dyna-air
    Hyper air quality & Energy saving
    It is a all-fresh type system to adjust outside air. It has a very high ability humidity controlling. Besides big humidity control ability, it is utilizing the advantage of the liquid desiccant method which can adjust ability to control humidity by liquid solution density and temperature. And it can stably supply the air with required humidity in a big amount.
    Material for Nutrients in Seawater (Certified Reference Material ISO 17034)
    For the measurements of seawater nutrients (nitrate, phosphate, silicate) , Reference Material for Nutrients in Seawater(RMNS) will help assessments of measurement repeatability and accuracy, comparability of collected data, and the quality management of measurement date by including RMNS with sample measurements.
    Condensation prevention paint
    KETSURO NAIN has humidity controlling property that absorbs moisture under high humidity environment and releases moisture under low moisture environment. Also KETSURO NAIN has superior mold-resistance property and heat insulation. Humidity controlling ( KETSRO NAIN absorbs about 600ml of moisture with 1mm thickness), mold & fungus resistance, heat insulation, fire-proof
  • Kikusui Chemical Industries Co.,Ltd
    Countermeasures for salt damage
    Rust proof concrete repairing system that salt-trapping agent is formulated. This system consisted of rust-proof profiling mortar to reinforcing rod & rust proof repairing mortar.
  • Kikusui Chemical Industries Co.,Ltd
    Protection and restoration of exposed concrete
    Protection and restoration of exposed concrete SA method keeps and protects the texture of concrete and restores concrete beautifully. SA method provides couth textures with processed from surfaces to finishes on new construction and reforming.
  • Kikusui Chemical Industries Co.,Ltd
    Wall decoration sheet
    “ LAT LAYING structure” will protect walls against peeling and deterioration factors, improve water-resistance by Lap Laying structure of wall, resistant against peeling because of united wall surface. Luxury stone design will upgrade an exterior, free design is available on any substrates. No paint scattering, nuisance noise, nor unpleasant odor, easy processing at project site, applicable even at curved surface.
  • Kikusui Chemical Industries Co.,Ltd
    ADMCOOLPAINT - high reflectance paint
    ADOMA COOL PAINT is high reflectance paint that spherical fine particle (ADOMA FINE) is formulated. ADOMA FINE, extremely fine particle, reflects sunlight effectively to prevent temperature rise of paint surface. ADOMA COOL PAINT is frequently used at roof or wall of factory and contributes to save electricity consumption by lowering interior temperature. Also, anti-corrosion or sound proof-property can be added by combining paint specification.
  • Kikusui Chemical Industries Co.,Ltd
    Wall decoraton Stone pant
    Rich color variation provides various finish designs. Free joint design contributes to originality of buildings. Spraying method enable to application to corner/curved parts.
  • MIRACOOL – Solar high reflective coating
    MIRACOOL – Solar high reflective coating MIRACOOL meets requirements specified in LEED/LOTUS standards. Green building has become a growing trend worldwide and Vietnam is catching up with a modest number of newly certified green building. Despite an emerging trend, positive signals are spotted in respect to green building development in Vietnam. Within the green building industries, energy conservation and sustainable living with LEED (the US) and LOTUS (Vietnam) are those top trends. MIRACOOL is a product with green features that contribute to the fulfillment of credit requirements and points in LEED/LOTUS. SRI: Solar Reflectance index is a measure of the constructed surface's ability to reflect solar heat. LEED ( initial SRI: 82; 3 year SRI: 64) LOTUS (initial SRI: 78) MIRACOOL with initial SRI: 113 and 3 year SRI: 104.
    Floor paint
    Somay-Q’s proprietary adhesion technology ensures incredibly strong adhesion that will not delaminate for years. Just one coating process only. Repels black tire marks. Lowest cost solution by far.
    Rust preventing paint
    Somay-Q rust preventive system can solve serious problems with rust! Powerful Adhesion!, Long-lasting resistance to corrosion, For all steel structures and more!
  • TOKAI Inc
    High Brigtness Photoluminescent
    Phosphorescent keeps emitting light after excitation light (e.g. ultraviolet light, visible light) cease. Phosphorescent material is a material which absorbs light energy (ultraviolet light) such as light and florescent light and slowly re-emits in the dark.
  • YUKI ENGINEERING CO.,LTD CAN-DO OIL CLEANER for oil contamination control
    Various research has provided that 70 to 80% of hydraulic machine failures are caused by contaminated oil.Machine failures are considered major problems, leading to downtime, extra labors, repairs, and drop in quality adding up to extra costs.Using the proper filters to meet the criteria set for oil contamination control is the answer! http://jnk-vn.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/media.io_SCG-WM250-HX-NEW-VIDEO-EN.mp4
  • Nikki-Universal Co., Ltd.
    Nikki-Universal Co., Ltd. Industrial catalysts In Vietnam more rigorous implementation and enforcement of environmental laws/regulations might lead to increased the need of catalysts. We provide with the following categories of catalyst as follows. For Off-gas treatment ⇒To treat off-gas from industries which contains VOCs or odor Purpose: clean emission, meet to regulation, energy saving, avoid complain from neighborhood, etc. For Purification ⇒To purify gases Purpose: have high grade gas products, De-oxygen, remove impurities for circulation system, etc. For Oven cleaning ⇒To secure good condition in the heated oven Purpose: energy saving, quality improvement, etc. Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries.